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Celia Thaxter's Island Garden

Photo credit: Dari Ward, NH Sea Grant Photo credit: Dari Ward, NH Sea Grant

The Friends of Madison Library and the Madison Garden Club are cosponsoring a film and filmmaker event on Tuesday, April 22 at 7 pm, in the John F. Chick meeting room. Photographer Peter E. Randall, who has recently completed the film Celia Thaxter’s Island Garden, will show his film and describe the making of it.

Funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign, Randall’s film gives a virtual tour of the garden on Appledore Island (one of the Isles of Shoals), a history of Thaxter’s life on the island in the late 1800s with her artist and writer friends, and interviews with landscape and garden experts, including John Kingsbury, the gardener who recreated the present-day garden.

All are welcome, and refreshments will be served. Peter Randall will have books and videos available for sale after the presentation.

Life in an African Village

John Marlowe and friends in Kouya SidiaThe Madison Library will welcome Tamworth teacher John Marlowe on Thursday, April 10 at 7 pm. Marlowe recently visited Kouya Sidia, a remote village in one of the poorest countries in the world, Guinea West Africa, where he delivered essential school supplies to over 140 students–the first time in village history that an outsider brought gifts to this degree. The school supplies were purchased with funds raised by local children from lemonade stand sales, through an initiative called Stands for School.

Marlowe will share his experiences in Kouya Sidia, which were full of song, dance, laughter and joy. He will describe the direct impact that “Stands for School” fundraising made on the lives of children half a world away.

Peace of Mind: protecting your privacy, security, and finances

Madison Library will host an informational program, “Peace of Mind: protecting your privacy, security, and finances”, presented by Northway Bank’s Dorian Norcross and Vincent Osgood on Thursday, April 3 at 7 pm in the John F. Chick meeting room.

Anyone who saw the “60 Minutes” story on data brokers aired on March 9 is now aware of some of the ways personal information has become a commodity. Norcross and Osgood will discuss how to protect your information online, over the phone, and elsewhere; give tips on recognizing scams and list who to notify about suspected scams; and give some guidance on how to make smart decisions about determining security of information in an online environment.